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Just got a puppy and need support? We got you!

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When Looking for the perfect match?

Our team is here to guide you.


Do you want to welcome a new puppy or dog into your home?

Wondering where to start? We can help you!

Set up a phone or video consultation with one of our trainers, and they can:

  • Talk to you about finding a reputable breeder/rescue,
  • Help with integrating a dog into your existing pack,
  • Getting training started off on the right paw!


Congratulations on your new puppy! Puppyhood is such an exciting time, but it can also be an exhausting one. We have been there. 

Getting started with training early can help reduce your stress, and help set your puppy up for success as an adult. 

We recommend you check out our In-Home training programs. We have a variety of programs to choose from, designed to fit your schedule and your needs, but all programs help you navigate the stresses of puppyhood!

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Just got a puppy and need support?

We got you!

Get Started

Bad habits getting you down?

We can help!


Do you wish your dog was calmer in the home and on the walk? What would you say if we told you it was possible with some lifestyle changes and a few minutes of training each day?

Check out our In-Home Training programs! We come to your home where problem behaviors happen and give you the tips and tools to make a change. We offer a variety of programs based on your goals for your dog. 


Dealing with problems like reactivity, resource guarding, aggression, or fighting amongst your pups? You aren’t alone. We understand how challenging and disheartening these behaviors can be and we will be by your side. 

Regardless of which program you choose, we will give you guidance on how to address these behaviors. However, we recommend that you consider our Zen Enthusiast and Zen Expert In-Home Training programs. 

These two programs allow you to learn alongside your dog so you know what to do when troubling behaviors arise. These programs also allow for added time to work on complex issues and make space for additional socialization opportunities that can be beneficial for your dog. 

Call us. We want to help.

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Dealing with troubling behaviors?

You aren’t alone.

Ready to get started? Contact us for details.

What our clients say

The Zen Dog Den made an amazing difference with my dog from the very first visit. My dog Shalom was very anxious and fearful, and I struggled in helping her be calm, and even do basic training. My Zen Dog trainer equipped me with tools and methods for teaching calm to my dog and helping me find confidence to then train her properly. Shalom made incredible progress through the program and is much calmer and less anxious and fearful.

~ Donna (with Shalom)

The Zen Dog Den has been the best investment of our time and money to help us create a happy home for both our dog and our family with children. Our trainer Kelcy was so knowledgeable, caring, and professional. We saw such progress in our dog’s ability to walk nicely, learning how to help shape positive behaviors in our home, and much more. We would highly recommend this training for anyone with a puppy, rescue dog, or older dog in need of guidance. 

~ Cole and Amanda (with Lucy)


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3 Reasons Why We Do Pack Walk

3 Reasons Why We Do Pack Walk

3 Reasons Why We Do Pack WalkWhen you work with The Zen Dog Den, you receive a standing invitation to attend our free weekly Pack Walks for the rest of your dog’s life. We spend Saturday mornings at a local park practicing together and our training team is there to...

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