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The Zen Dog Den, LLC is a group of Behavioral Experts and Certified Dog Trainers determined to help you and your dog live a calm, balanced life together through a relationship based approach to training. Our goal is not to teach your dog what to do, but instead, how to be

Whether you have a brand new puppy, a goofy adult dog, or a dog struggling with anxiety or reactivity, The Zen Dog Den is here for you. Because our approach to training uses dog psychology and appeals to dogs’ natural instincts, we are able to help dogs at all life stages become the calm companion dog you hoped for.


Everyone wants a dog that can go with them to the coffee shop, tag along to the hardware store, or relax peacefully with them at the park. While some dogs can do this naturally, most dogs need help to reach this level of calm. They need a leader who can help them navigate the world around them. We will teach you how to be that leader. 

Our program is designed to create and reward calm in a dog’s brain. Because our goal is to create calm, our techniques are also calm. We communicate with dogs in a way that they instinctively understand.

At The Zen Dog Den, we offer two types of training focused on your pup: In-Home Behavioral Training and Stay & Train programs. Whether we come to your home or your pup comes to us, our programs are designed to make training easier for you and help your dog make progress. We offer a variety of programs to help you meet your training goals.

What our clients say

“We were running out of options before we found Zen Den for our two anxious dogs. We are so glad we were able to go through the program and have noticed a huge change in our dogs behavior as well as how our relationship with them as improved. In just a few short weeks we have happier and more well behaved pups and we are so grateful for Zen Dog Den!”
~ Christina (with Cooper & Bean)

“Kelcy Waller provided us with excellent training and education on how to create an optimal life for our two dogs in our home. Following the Zen Dog Den program quickly helped our 19 month old goldendoodle go from super excited to well behaved. Our 4 1/2 year old schnauzer is “excited barking” much less. All because we now understand how to create expectations. All that was training. Kelcy, with her deep knowledge of dogs, was also able to explain our dogs behaviors and how we can best help them. Those educational pieces really gave us total confidence in the balance of the program.”

~Karen (with Enzo & Lupo)

“Kelcy was amazing. She understood our situation, our dog, our intentions, and our goals. She helped us with steps and tips to achieve them all. I am confident that if we stay diligent with the training program we will see continued growth and success. And Kye loves her :)”
~Matt & Megan (with Kye)

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3 Reasons Why We Do Pack Walk

3 Reasons Why We Do Pack Walk

3 Reasons Why We Do Pack WalkWhen you work with The Zen Dog Den, you receive a standing invitation to attend our free weekly Pack Walks for the rest of your dog’s life. We spend Saturday mornings at a local park practicing together and our training team is there to...

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Cherisse, Kelcy & Sarah are all
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